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Over the past decade, GiveLight Foundation has done presentations in front of thousands of audiences in many prestigious institutions, television/radio and magazines, such as MIT, Stanford University, PayPal,  Apple Inc., and Google.  The goal of these presentations is to raise awareness about our work and to inspire actions.  Interested in inviting us to your event? 

Many of our supporters and friends who work for Fortune 500 companies, are really passionate about our work.  As a result, they initiate the idea of inviting us to come and share our projects, accomplishments and future dreams.  We do not charge honorarium for the speaker but suggest a donation be made to Givelight Foundation.  If you are interested in inviting our Founder Dian Alyan or any of the Board Members,  please send an email to info@givelight.org.

Here are a few of the organizations, schools, universities, and institutions that have invited us and supported our work:

Events and number of audience:

  1. North Star School, Hayward (60)
  2. Ilm Tree School (20)
  3. Granada 5th Grade, Santa Clara (40)
  4. Hult Business School, San Francisco (60)
  5. GiveLight 3rd Women's Gala, Four Seasons Hotel (100)
  6. Game Nights, South Bay and East Bay (100)
  7. Soul to Sole Campaign, Averroes Institute Fremont (60)
  8. One Global TV, Jakarta (100,000)
  9. Notre Dame High School, San Jose (400)
  10. Voice of America Article, US
  11. Muslim Community Association, Seattle (100)
  12. Young on Top, Jakarta (50,000)
  13. Stanford Sunday School, Palo Alto (300)
  14. GiveLight Lunch & Learn, Santa Clara (30)
  15. St. Andrew School, Saratoga (400)
  16. Ladies Garden Party, Saratoga (50)
  17. Garage Sale, Santa Clara (125)
  18. Muslim World Conference, Dubai (500)
  19. GiveLight 3nd Women's Gala, Laguna Niguel (35)
  20. GiveLight 3rd Walkathon, Sunnyvale (450)
  21. Game Night, Irvine (20)
  22. Stanford Muslim Student Event, Palo Alto (60)
  23. Granada Islamic School, Santa Clara (400)
  24. Omeid Fundraising Dinner, Fremont (100)
  25. German International School, Palo Alto (40)
  26. GIS - 2nd graders, Santa Clara (16)
  27. OPEN Leadership Women's Conference, Palo Alto (150)
  28. Kuwaiti Graduate Students, Santa Clara (35)
  29. GIS - 5th graders, Santa Clara (35)
  30. Meelad at Haider's Residence, Saratoga (100)
  31. GiveLight 3nd Fundraising Event, Santa Clara (750)
  32. GiveLight Second Walkathon, Mt. View (400)
  33. League of Lantern, San Jose (25)
  34. Youth Leadership Conference, Pleasanton (400)
  35. Google, Mt. View (25)
  36. Procter & Gamble Reunion Gala Dinner, Rome (400)
  37. Apple Inc, Cupertino (65)
  38. Cisco Ramadan Iftaar, San Jose (150)
  39. eBay/Paypal Iftaar, San Jose (60)
  40. ECHO fundraising dinner, Fremont (500)
  41. Archbishop Mitty High School, San Jose (35)
  42. Microsoft Giving Fair, Mt. View (500)
  43. GiveLight 1st Annual Women Gala, Four Seasons Hotel Palo Alto (47)