Bring your Light & Latte

As the name suggests, it is bringing your light (i.e., your vision, your ideas) and of course your morning coffee, tea or latte, to the new Give Light office (GLOW).

About GiveLight Foundation

GiveLight foundation is a non-profit humanitarian relief organization, established in Sunnyvale, CA on January 2005 by Dian Alyan. Because GiveLight Foundation is operated by volunteers only, all the money collected is given to the orphans.

In order to fundraise for the cause, Alyan believes that it is important to inspire and encourage every individual to come up with creative ways to raise money and increase awareness.

“Bring your Light & Latte” is an event that not only allows people to come together , but also brainstorm ideas and find ways that they can help and contribute to the cause.

In a recent interview, Alyan explained her reasons behind conducting the campaign, as well as what it means to her.

What is “Bring your light & latte”?

It’s a forum for women to come together to discuss ideas on how they can contribute to GiveLight’ s growth. Discussing new ideas over coffee is always a fun way to get people interested in doing something even if it’s a small task.

What does it mean to you?

I like to bring people together for a common goal. I know that many of my friends are interested in doing something meaningful with their talents and time. I’m providing them an opportunity to explore what they can do by just giving an hour a week for the cause.

Are there child projects that evolved off these events?

Yes. Sadaqa jar and Speech competition, Book Exchange, Game Night, Gala, Global Bistro, and Winter Sparkle land.

Here is what our youth volunteers have to say about GiveLight and why they want to be here:

“Here at GiveLight we come together and find ways to make a difference in someone else life. I am part of the Game Night event”

–       Maryam Ibrahim, San Jose State Student

“At GLOW we brainstorm, come up with ideas and bring more awareness, that creates an ripple affect. An orphan will always be an orphan and they will always need us. I am part of the Game Night event”

–       Jenan Maaz , San Jose State Student

Here is the link to “Bring your Light & Latte” Facebook events page:

This event is open to everyone, so join us. This is an on going event.

We will have more blogs about Sadaqa Jar, Speech competition, Game Night and Book Exchange and more.

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