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global-bistro-2014Join us for the most anticipated and exciting event of the year : "GL GLobal Bistro", designed for kids and families. There will be enormous variety of savory food & desserts from all over the globe where GL operates. Samples include chocolate covered berries, baklava, samosa, falafel, napoleon, cheese cake, tiramisu and hyderabadi desserts.

All made with love by bakers who are passionate about helping orphans!

There will be activities for kids such as the popular designing sadaqa/giving jars, face painting and other art projects to get kids personally engaged in the cause of helping orphans. Plus henna designs and sport activities for boys (and girls).

It's the SEASON of GIVING calling! Bring your light for the sweetest cause!"

This will be like no bake sale you have ever attended. Last year at our pilot event we had 300+ attendees and 25 bakers:) It's pure fun and It's a wonderful way to sweeten the world:)

PS: You can be a part of the Global bistro team by creating and bringing your masterpieces to the event. Please contact Ayesha Zia or Mahira Razzak.

To signup to bring food, follow the link below:


The GL Global Bistro Team

Silicon Valley Academy
1095 Dunford Way, Bldg. 400, Sunnyvale, California 94087
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