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Devastation hit northern Pakistan and Kashmir due to a massive earthquake in October of 2005. GiveLight Foundation joined hands with a local non-profit to build a home for orphan girls in Rawalpindi. Additionally we also sponsor 160 orphans in the affected area of Kashmir.

Our second home is in Rawalpindi, Pakistan for the orphans of the 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan/Kashmir. The home is truly a state of the art facility with all the basic rooms of a house plus classrooms, libraries, playground. This is a joint project with Saba Trust whose founder Saghir Aslam shares our passion of helping orphaned children. Currently we have 30 girls and the capacity is for 50 children.

We also sponsor 130 additional orphans in Kashmir area. They live with their guardians and we are providing financial help to ensure they have food, shelter and all they need to pursue good education.


Launch of project and progress


After the devastating earthquake in Pakistan/Kashmir in Oct 2005, we at GiveLight Foundation knew something had to be done for the orphan victims. The construction of the first home of Givelight Foundation in Indonesia, for the orphans of the Tsunami, was complete by then and the children were ready to move in. Encouraged by the successful working model in place, GiveLight Foundation conceived the idea of establishing a home in Pakistan as well, for the orphans of the earthquake tragedy.



  • GiveLight Foundation began monitoring ongoing relief efforts in Pakistan and researching legitimate NGOs on ground to partner with - Dec 2005
  • Saba Trust was introduced to Givelight Foundation - Dec 2006
  • Agreement to partner on this project - Feb 2007
  • Ground breaking ceremony - May 2007
  • 100 % of funds raised - July 2007
  • Dian Alyan, President of GiveLight Foundation travelled to Pakistan for Grand Opening and meeting children in Kashmir - Nov 2008
  • GiveLight handed over funding and management for the Rawalpindi home to Saba Trust - Jan 2015

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givelight pakistan dian alyan children orphansAs we did in Indonesia, we wanted to build more than a shelter but a beautiful home, a sanctuary for the children who have lost everything.  Dian's visit to Pakistan allowed her to meet the kids and get to know them on a personal level.  At first they were shy but after many meals and story time, the kids became attached to her, and she to them.

givelight-pakistan-dian-children-orphans-girls-bedroom 250x188The girls in the Pakistan home are bright and they love to learn.  With access to thousands of books and qualified teachers, they are making progress academically. Just like their friends in Indonesia, they also get to go on regular field trips to parks, pizza treats etc.

givelight pakistan dian alyan children orphansWe also have a teaching program in place, whereby volunteers from the US travel to the home to teach the children English, Math, Science and Art. The volunteers stay as guests in the home and just their presence lights up the world for the children. They are eager to learn from their visiting teachers and feel so special in their company.

We are also supporting other orphan children outside the home in the earthquake affected areas, from the monthly sponsorships. These children are in the custody of their guardians and our local volunteers consistently check upon their welfare.



Current needs

                            givelight pakistan dian alyan children orphans sponsored



We have been blessed to sponsor 160 children in Kashmir area, primarily through the generosity of friends who work for Cisco. Cisco Foundation also supports Givelight since 2006 via its Employee Matching Grants. The cost to sponsor an child is $30 per month, which translates to $57,600 for us annually.



For the home in Rawalpindi, our partner has developed a strong model and is able to support themselves financially. We have decided now is a good time to separate and focus on models more consistent with our philosophy and approaches. 

We celebrate the partnership and wish Saba Trust amazing ongoing success.  Also, we want to thank all of our donors for all of the years of support that has allowed this great effort to get started and for helping these beautiful children.


Future goals

  • Continue to sponsor all of our bright children through High School and College. 
  • Send volunteers to go interact with the kids and teach them Math, English and Art.


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