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Our philosophy in giving is simple; we give only our best to children under our care the way we give to our own kids. The homes we built are beautiful and serve as a sanctuary for each and every child.  We provide high quality of life and education to foster our kids' dream to become a doctor, lawyer, nurse, police, pilot, politician, artist or whatever goal they have.

We wouldn’t have accomplished so much without the support of all our kind donors. Invest in lives today and know that even your smallest contribution goes a long way in making a difference in the lives of orphan children around the world.

givelight children orphans pakistan soul to soul Zakat, a vital pillar of Islam, is a means of purifying ones wealth for the purpose of ensuring the needs of the poor are taken care of.

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At GiveLight, we focus on providing high quality education for all of our children. Our goal at a minimum is to get them to finish High School.

givelight children orphans employee matching

You could double your contribution to GiveLight Foundation by finding out if your employer will match your donation.

givelight children orphans business support

Business support helps enable major funding for our projects, from maintaining well-run orphanages to the success of our fundraising events.

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Did you know that you can also donate to GiveLight using your stocks?