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Our Mission

To build beautiful homes, character and futures for global orphans.
We provide long term, high quality education and we strive to recreate a loving family, a sense of belonging and strong identity for all children under our care. We believe that every child deserves a happy childhood and needs the right guidance in order to reach her/his highest human potential.
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Our Newest Home - MULTAN

We are overjoyed to announce the opening of our new and beautiful home in Multan, the city of Saints.

Our founder, Dian Alyan along with a long-time supporter Dr. Musarrat Malik travelled together for the occasion.  The home sits gracefully on an acre of land.

We are grateful to God for blessing us with a generous family, who donated the land and helped with the construction. The home is called “Bait ul Jamilah”, named after the beloved wife of our donor Mr. Mahmood Hassan. Click here to watch the full interview or read more from Dian’s account. 

Our Projects

Our work is driven by the love for our merciful Creator and the desire to help vulnerable orphans around the world. We build beautiful homes and futures for them, focusing on areas that are affected by natural disasters, poverty, and war. We began with one home in Indonesia and are now in 12 countries, supporting more than 1,000 children.          


Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. Dian, founder of GiveLight Foundation, traveled to the region in 2008.


We completed our home in Cambodia and opened our doors to 50 children at the end of 2013. 

Sri Lanka

We want to ensure each child has a sponsor and each sponsor will be able to see the long-term impact of his or her contribution.


Banda Aceh in Indonesia suffered catastrophic damage as a result of the tsunami that struck on the 26th of December in 2004.  


Our home is now filled with the sounds of laughter and happiness of our beautiful children. We have forty girls ages 6-15 years old under our loving care. 





Invest in the life of a child

Your contribution enables us to provide a loving family, the best education, and a place to call home. $30 pays for a month of warm meals, $50 pays for clothes and tuition, $100 provides a special dinner or outing, $1,000 fully supports a child the whole year. You decide the level of your investment in a child’s life.  


GiveLight Foundation is inviting qualified organizations to apply for grant partnerships to expand our mission. Let’s work together to create beautiful futures for more orphans around the world. Here’s the process. 


We completed our home in Cambodia and opened our doors to 50 children at the end of 2013. 

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