Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Dear GL friends and supporters,

Without a doubt,  2013 has been a truly blessed year for us at Givelight. As has been the case in all the years since our inception. This was due to God’s continuous  mercy on us,  our unwavering commitment for the cause and of course, your continued generosity.

Land in Morocco donated for GL orphanangeThe year started with a huge success!! On January 1st, 2013 I set my foot on the beautiful land of Casablanca, which was donated by a generous family. It was such an amazing feeling to stand there at the open lush and green space with people who were previously unknown to me. I was embarking on a magnificent milestone; continuing the journey of giving in ways I never thought possible. My heart expanded with a renewed sense of hope, recovering from the crashing waves of the tsunami, and now chasing a new dream among the grains of sand in Africa.