Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Immediately following the earthquake in 2005, we partnered with trustworthy organizations on the ground and did two things:

  1. Co-funded a construction of an orphanage in Rawalpindi and provided a full scholarship for 50 girls over the course of five years.  We later decided to redirect our funds to more urgent projects as our partner was able to secure funds independently
  2. Full scholarship of 160 orphans in Kashmir for 10 years.

As we did in Indonesia, we wanted to build more than a shelter but a beautiful home, a sanctuary for the children who have lost everything.  Dian’s visit to Pakistan allowed her to meet the kids and get to know them on a personal level.  At first they were shy but after many meals and story time, the kids became attached to her, and she to them.

givelight-pakistan-dian-children-orphans-girls-bedroom 250x188The girls in the Pakistan home are bright and they love to learn.  With access to thousands of books and qualified teachers, they are making progress academically. Just like their friends in Indonesia, they also get to go on regular field trips to parks, pizza treats etc.

We also have a teaching program in place, whereby volunteers from the US travel to the home to teach the children English, Math, Science and Art. The volunteers stay as guests in the home and just their presence lights up the world for the children. They are eager to learn from their visiting teachers and feel so special in their company.

givelight pakistan dian alyan children orphansWe are also supporting other orphan children outside the home in the earthquake affected areas, from the monthly sponsorships. These children are in the custody of their guardians and our local volunteers consistently check upon their welfare.





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