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A Remarkable Achiever: Samha

givelight-children-orphans-achievements-samhaSamha arrived at our first home in Aceh at the tender age of nine.  Since day one, it was obvious that she is a winner with great potential. A few weeks ago, we received the happy news that she won third place in the National Quran Recitation Competition held in East Java!

What makes her achievement so remarkable is that she competed with 2400 students from 281 universities and colleges who had memorized five chapters of the Holy Quran. Samha made it on the front page of the local newspaper, but she was a bit disappointed that she did not win first place.  For us, she is already a top notch winner, and we are certain that, with more practice and hard work, she will win many more competitions, God willing.

We featured her before when she won the scholarship to a prestigious university. Read about it here.

We wish Samha and all our children the best in all aspects of their lives.

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