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Twelve of us went to visit Ranchos El Ninos orphanage to pilot our “Books of Light” project. We drove from Orange County at the crack of dawn in order to catch a bus that was scheduled to leave at 9:30 AM from San Diego. The Books of Light project combines two of my great passions: children and books. I know first hand how reading can influence a child's mind and life trajectory.

Our goal was to collect 100 books for the pilot and we were so happy that we received over 200 books. Our excitement began as we climbed on to the bus in anticipation of a lovely day doing fun things with the children. 


We spent such a blessed time with more than 80 beautiful children of all ages. Our team was all smiles and beaming with happiness as we took turns playing soccer, tag, and engaged in art projects. We ate lunch together: fruit salad and pizza. We had hoped for some authentic tacos but were told that the kids really love pizza so we gave in. After lunch, I managed to read a few pages of  "El Arbol Generoso” ("The Giving Tree") by Shel Silverstein, one of the books I used to read to my boys.


We then went on a tour of the facility so we got see where the kids sleep, shower, and do their homework. As we entered one of the rooms, the Project Director of Corazon De Vida, George Perez, who organized the tour from San Diego shared some news that brought me to tears. Just two weeks before we visited, a young mother had left her 2-week-old baby "R" at the orphanage. Right then and there, I decided to help the precious little angel "R" until she gets adopted. I also felt inspired to do something bigger for the orphanage. 

Effective immediately, we will begin sponsoring five babies and grow our sponsorship to 20-30 this year, God willing. The cost of sponsoring a child is $75/month which covers food, clothing, school-related expenses, and medical care. You and your family are welcome to join us on our next visit in the fall and winter.

To begin your sponsorship, please click here. To join our team on the next visit, email info@givelight.org. We look forward to giving our collective light in Mexico.

Dian Alyan,

Silicon Valley - April 2019