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GiveLight Foundation was driven solely by US volunteers up to eight years of operation. Recently, we hired our Web Developer, Operations Manager and Outreach Coordinator to help us scale our impact. We are passionate about the cause and find fulfillment in seeing our children do so well in school and in life. We are working professionals who are high achievers, stay-home moms, retirees and students, all driven by the same dream: to help as many orphans as we possibly can.

Meet the folks who are devoting their time, efforts and talents to make a positive impact in the lives of GiveLight's children. GiveLight would not be a reality today without these dedicated individuals.


Founder & President

  • givelight-children-orphans-team-member-dian-alyan-new

    Dian Alyan

Board of Advisors

  • Aamir Rehman

    Aamir Rehman

  • farhan-syed

    Farhan Syed

  • Imam Zaid Shakir

    Imam Zaid Shakir

  • John Bowen

    John Bowen

  • Martin Nuechtern

    Martin Nuechtern

  • Safaa Ibrahim

    Safaa Ibrahim

  • Sharif el Badawi

    Sharif el Badawi

  • Tasneem Manjra

    Tasneem Manjra

Board of Directors

  • givelight-children-orphans-team-member-basil-hashem-2020-300x400

    Basil Hashem

  • Firasat Ali

    Firasat Ali

  • Johann Noor

    Johann Noor

  • Matthew Mengerink

    Matthew Mengerink

  • Noshaba Afzal

    Noshaba Afzal

Our Team

  • Jordan Clark

    Jordan Clark

    Website Developer

  • Rahma Yunus

    Rahma Yunus

    Director, Operations & Programs

Our Interns

  • Afrah Ali Azhar


  • Afraz Shaikh


  • Ali Shaikh


  • Anam Fatima


  • Ayah Ibrahim


  • Eisa Kamran


  • Faaris Chaudhry


  • Haadi Razzak


  • Hadiqah Syed


  • Hafsaah Syed


  • Haneefah Syed


  • Hasan Abdussamy


  • Ibrahim Kamran


  • Iman Brin


  • Isra Kareem


  • Issa Maali


  • Safa Faraooqui


  • Safa Mohammad


  • Sana Amanullah


  • Suleiman Kamran


  • Summer Qureshi


  • Zaynab Zaffar


  • Ali Shaikh

    Ali Shaikh

  • Ibrahim Lawai

    Ibrahim Lawai

  • Ismail Zulqarni

    Ismail Zulqarni

  • Sarim Mundres

    Sarim Mundres

  • Taajudin Elmarouk

    Taajudin Elmarouk

Our Volunteers

  • Aliyah Malek

    Aliyah Malek

  • Aliza Zaman

    Aliza Zaman

  • Ameena Arsheen

    Ameena Arsheen

  • Ayesha Zia

    Ayesha Zia

  • azleena-azhar

    Azleena Azhar

  • Chaouki Zahzah

    Chaouki Zahzah

  • Javed Mohammed

    Javed Mohammed

  • Lamis Diwan

    Lamis Diwan

  • Mahira Razzak

    Mahira Razzak

  • Maidah Chugtai

    Maidah Chugtai

  • Mehryar Mansoor

    Mehryar Mansoor

  • Mohammed Darwish

    Mohammed Darwish

  • Reema Qadry

    Reema Qadry

  • Rimi Khan

    Rimi Khan

  • Sadaf Ijaz

    Sadaf Ijaz

  • Sameena Nargis

    Sameena Chisty

  • Sarah Fatima

    Sarah Fatima

  • Sheza Khalid

    Sheza Khalid

  • Sonya Maharaj

    Sonya Maharaj

  • rani-aviananda

    Taqwa Surapati

  • Tooba Ahmed

    Tooba Ahmed

  • Uroosa Jalal

    Uroosa Jalal

  • Uzma Khan

    Uzma Khan