Our Team

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Azleena Salleh Azhar volunteers with GiveLight as a team lead on its video projects and as a member of the Social Media team.

azleena-azharWhat about life inspires you?

Seeing the beauty of God's creation in the foothills that surround the Bay Area makes me grateful to be alive every day. Also, being part of a wonderful close-knit community inspires me to give back.

Why did you choose to volunteer with GiveLight Foundation?

I joined GiveLight Foundation because I believe that as responsible global citizens, we are entrusted to take care of our orphaned children. I was impressed with how GiveLight not only feeds and clothes hundreds of orphans around the world, but through mentorship and a solid education, helps them grow up to be independent, educated and socially responsible adults.

How do you help make a difference by doing what you do here?

I am part of the GL editing, social media and video teams and edit articles, documents, videos, etc. I help write the script, direct and produce GL's videos that we use in our website and show at our events. It brings me so much pleasure to use the abilities that God have given me to help make a difference in our orphans' lives.