Our Team

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Aliza is currently a Junior in highschool who enjoys driving, spending time with her friends, and playing football. She loves to be involved and strives to help out the community in any way possible.

givelight-children-orphans-team-member-aliza-zamanWhat about life inspires you?

I am inspired by my interactions with different people and love to talk and understand their stories, lifestyles, and views. Surrounding myself with others, my friends or not, gives me motivation to be the best version of myself I can be. I enjoy listening to what others have to say as well as making people smile and laugh, and I feel that this genuine human interaction is one of the most important parts of living a happy and healthy life.

Why did you choose to work with GiveLight Foundation?

I chose to volunteer at GiveLight because I find what Dian Aunty is doing is very profound and impactful. It is amazing that she was able to create such a powerful organization that cares so deeply about children, specifically orphans, around the world. I felt that I had to take the opportunity to join, even if I was inexperienced, because I was willing to learn in order to help out such a great cause.

How do you help make a difference by doing what you do here?

As a volunteer, I mostly help out with the GiveLight website, composing articles, as well as making graphics for various posts.