Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Dear Friends and Supporters of Orphans,

May peace be upon you.

I returned from a five week trip to Indonesia less than a month ago. That trip was like none I had ever taken before. Seeing the home we built for our orphans and meeting the children for the first time was such a moving experience. In the beginning the children were shy and kept their distance from me, especially the younger ones. But after spending a few days together, singing songs in the three languages, reading poems, sharing many meals, talking about their plans and dreams, we became very close.

The day before I left we took the children to the lake for a picnic and a swim. We took them to the lake where I used to spend happy times with my own family. As I stood there, watching them play and laugh, my heart flooded with countless warm memories of my childhood. My wish to be someone’s hero was fulfilled through the eyes of those orphans. Suddenly I felt that I have the strength to be the mother they have forever lost.

The day of my departure I woke up at 4 am after 2 hrs of sleep. I kept playing in my mind the moments I spent with them. The light in their eyes and the smile they gave me were precious. The bond that I formed with them will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will go to end of the world to provide them education and help them realize their dreams. Through all this I realized that no matter how much I give, it is I who will always receive more. I hope you will join me in this rewarding journey and that you too will find true happiness in sharing a piece of yourself with others.

Dian Alyan

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