Walk For Syria/Turkey.

givelight children orphans syria“True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”  ~Helen Keller

We meet such beautiful donors across the world, ready and willing to give what they can for the sake of helping children. We would like to share a story from one such donor, showing how when you give, you receive in return in myriad ways. 

I’m currently a healthcare professional at a non-profit health center. I love my job and the patients I serve. As a new graduate working, it is definitely challenging financially with school loans going into repayment. Paying back my school loans was a constant thought on my mind. I used to wonder, should l donate if I’m still in debt from college? How will I manage my loans if I can’t work one day? Did I get into the right career? I was always worrying about how I would be able to pay back my loans in the least amount of time, also hoping that a door would open for me.

In Ramadan, I participated in a personal GiveLight Charity Event through a close sister of mine. Our donations helped raise money for an orphanage for the 27th of Ramadan. Wanting to do more after Ramadan I also signed up to be a monthly donor. I knew it wasn’t much but still felt that I needed to commit to something and over time I would be able to increase my donation.

Shortly after donating to GiveLight, I had my yearly evaluation with my employer and they gave me a raise. I was very happy. Afterwards, my employer re-evaluated employee salaries and decided that some providers should be paid more. I surprisingly got another raise. I couldn’t believe it! I had gotten an almost 20% increase in my salary in such a short time.

Another change that occurred in my life after GiveLight was my commitment to learning the Quran. For the longest time I have been trying to learn the proper pronunciation of the Quran. I had been praying, found amazing teachers but for some reason I was never able to complete my studies. I felt hopeless and gave up. Now 10 years later and with a family- I thought it would be impossible to find time to learn the proper pronunciation and commit to any teacher or program. After committing to GiveLight, God opened a door for me and answered my prayers. I recently started an online program and I love it. It is almost effortless to wake up at 5am. I love talking to my teacher from Cairo over video chat.

May God continue to put blessings in everyones lives who donate and work with GiveLight. It truly is a blessing to help orphans. May God open the doors and hearts of all by showing them clearly that when you give in the way of God, He grants you blessings and successes.

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