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One such soul who works towards the betterment for the life of others is Dr. Muhammad Harunur Rashid. Dr. Rashid was born in the village of Sonapur in Bangladesh. In 1971, he left his homeland, and finally settled in Lakeland, Florida in 1985 where he presently resides with his wife, Dr. Fatema Rashid, and works at Florida Polytechnic University as a professor and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering. And although his work as an electrical and computer engineer have allowed for him to travel the globe giving lectures and presenting papers throughout the United States and in Japan, from Brazil to Italy, Greece to Malta, along with having published 22 Engineering textbooks used all around the world which have been translated in numerous languages from Portugueses to Korean, Dr. Rashid’s heart lives to help the orphans in his native Bangladesh.


Dr. Rashid was inspired to take care of 18 orphans in Bangladesh because he simply “wanted to help an orphan.” He had lost his own father when he was 11 years old, and his sisters were much younger. It may have been that understanding of loss which eventually lead him to help such children. He said he also found inspiration through reading the Quran, specifically, Sura Al-Duha. Through that want to help orphaned children, Dr. Rashid searched the internet looking for “orphan charities,” and came across GiveLight. He said, “My preference to GiveLight is dedicated volunteers, keeping the over-head minimum, and almost 100 percent contribution is being invested.”

Dr. Rashid and his wife have visited the Bangladesh home on numerous occasions, and consider these children, who call him “Nana Bhai” as their own grandchildren. “Each of them is so precious and (we) would see them grow up to be good Muslims and be well educated and to ponder about Allah (swt) and appreciate his blessings and his creations.”


Dr. Rashid wants to work on furthering the education of those children by helping them gain entrance into colleges and universities. He said, “They will become the leaders of future generations.” And even though Dr. Rashid has helped GiveLight in incredible ways, he said, “While I am working full time along with other professional activities, my contributions are very limited except for sponsoring a few orphans.”

His humility and unwavering care for those most in need, warms the heart and the soul. There is no doubt that the kindness he has shown the orphans in Bangladesh is filled with gratitude from both sides. The children are indeed grateful for the love he has shown, and in turn, Dr. Rashid is filled with thankfulness for being given such an opportunity to help. “Allah (swt) gave the honor that is beyond my imagination.”

As Dr. Rashid prepares to just gave a lecture in Islamabad this April, Peru in July, India in August and November, and Bangladesh in December, we wish him the safest and healthiest of journeys and continued success in all he does and who he inspires along the way.

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