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givelight-children-orphans-morocco-construction-update-2016By the grace of God and hard work of our partner and volunteers in Morocco, our home is starting to take shape.

Please see below an account from the ground highlighting the motivation and anticipation of a beautiful home to nurture our Moroccan children. We aim to finish the construction by late summer 2017. Through your generosity we have raised most of the funds needed for the project leaving $100K gap to close for final touches, appliances, furniture, playground and garden.

We will share more progress in the Spring.


We are very pleased and heart-warmed to see tremendous progress in the construction of “Maison de Lumiere.” Although it took us some time to conduct and receive the reports of the geological studies of the land prior to construction, once it was done everything has been moving quite rapidly. The foundation is up and one unit of the orphanage now has a roof, which is very exciting! Unit A will house the kitchen and the administration. The next step will be to put the walls up and start on the plumbing and electrical work. So far, we have passed all the inspections with flying colors. We were only asked to add an elevator that will lead to the girl’s rooms upstairs which was not part of the original design, it is needed to accommodate the home’s needs. We plan to have the foundation, walls and a roof on the other 2 units soon, and if all goes according to plan we will finish construction in July of 2017. We are very excited to show the GiveLight family what the home looks like once all the construction is finished and our beloved orphans move into their new home. It has been a true pleasure working on this project. Although the task is quite daunting in regards to time and challenging that come up, it doesn’t feel like a chore at all but rather a journey that is very rewarding. Linda our architect is passionately driven by this project and there is a special light in her eyes whenever she is on site. The workers are personally very motivated about this project and working very hard. Everyone is putting forth tremendous efforts and engaged as if each one was building their own dream home. None of this would ever have been possible without all the amazing GiveLight donors. Their donations have allowed this project to become a reality. It has given me the blessed opportunity to supervise this project, and their donations gave my dedicated Moroccan team a cherished rare opportunity to be of service to this incredible project. I cannot express how inspirational it is to see strangers uniting for a common cause, selflessly contributing their money, their time, and their expertise with a smile on their face to make the world a better place for the lives of orphans. It is an indescribable feeling just thinking of the 40 girls that are currently in the streets, but will soon have a home because of the GiveLight family and their contributions. For this reason, finishing the building is the beginning of this project not the end. The real work will start once we have our home. We will all be guardians and responsible for these precious girls. We will be the only family they have. It will be our responsibility to provide and care for them, raise them with dignity and most of all make them happy to become strong women who are self-sufficient. My journey with “Maison de Lumiere” is only just starting, and there is truly nothing else I would rather be doing. I want to thank you all for this opportunity and I also wanted to thank my Moroccan and the Givelight team for their dedication and hard work.

Sincerely, Mr Bouamama El Rhaouti Founder and president of ABPO

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