Walk For Syria/Turkey.

4th Annual Virtual Global Walk

VGlobal Walk 2024[1]

Global Walk Information

By participating in this event, you and all members of your team agree to accept all rules and guidelines set forth.

  1. Miles will only be accepted from the CAPTAIN of your team. We will not accept miles submitted by other team members. If an unforeseen situation arises with your Team’s Captain and he/she cannot continue, please notify us ASAP with the new captain. Please do not include other people’s miles who are not registered on your team.
  2. Miles can be walked, run, or jogged indoors, outdoors, on treadmills – miles that are biked, driven, roller- bladed or anything other than walked/run/jogged will not be accepted.
  3. The start of the Walk begins at 12:00AM PST March 2nd through 11:55PM PST March 8th, 2023.
  4. How to submit your miles – https://forms.gle/vFPSPBR2pyjDvMSo9
  5. You will receive a simple google form to fill out and submit daily. Please submit one form per team per day. (Please appoint a captain for your team who will be responsible for submitting the form daily – if your form is not submitted on time it will not be included in your total tally of miles walked).
  6. Please track your miles with Apps such as: Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.
  7. Miles MUST be submitted by the following day before 12:00 P.M PST (Pacific Standard Time) ex. Miles walked on March 2nd need to be submitted by March 3rd before 12:00 pm PST by the team captain for the whole group.
  8. Date and Mileage should be visible on the submitted screenshot. Other information (calories, steps, etc.) is okay to display, but not mandatory.
  9. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.
  1. Visit the Campaign Page
    • Select ‘Donate and Tickets’
    • Under ‘Register a New Team’, select ‘1’ which covers the entire team up to 5.
    • Enter your Team Name
  2. You will receive an confirmation email.
  3. Global Walk Admin will create your team and list it under the ‘Team Leaderboard’.
  1. Visit the Campaign Page and scroll down to ‘Team Leaderboard’.
  2. Once you’ve found your team, click ‘Join a Team’.
  3. Create an account. You will receive a confirmation email.
    • The subject line will be ‘Account Form Confirmation from GiveLight Foundation’
    • Click on the link to create a login name and set your password.
  4. The Admin Team will add your team to the Team Leaderboard.