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givelight-children-orphans-journey-art-calligraphy-faiza-khan-1We are so blessed to work with so many talented volunteers. Please meet Faiza Khan – a talented artist and teacher who just wrapped up a local children’s calligraphy workshop to benefit our children we support abroad.

“St. Francis of Assisi once said that for it is in the giving that we receive. Givelight’s mission has always been near and dear to my heart. The void that the orphan feels without his or her parents is insurmountable. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also became an orphan at a very tender age, but he was raised and nurtured by caring adults around him. We should not take the blessing of our parents for granted, but, when some children do not have parents, we should step in and step up to be their caring adults in more ways than one.

Dian invited me to a speaking engagement at Salesforce where she was presenting GiveLight. Dian asked me to demonstrate Arabic Calligraphy to the audience. Driving back with Dian from that event, my passion into giving became fruitful when she mentioned to me to offer a children’s calligraphy workshop to benefit the GiveLight orphans.

I was hesitant at first, but I realized that it was a wonderful idea to use art to generate income for GiveLight. Dian gently planted the seed and she let it sit with me for a few days before following up. There is never a perfect time to start giving. The time is always now.


Brainstorming to make the workshop simple, yet fun, was time consuming for me. But the opportunity to be a part in making a difference for the orphans is what motivated me.  There is something special about giving one’s time. It is like giving a part of who you are to the work that you so much love.

So, at the beginning of the calligraphy workshop, the kids eagerly were ready to tap into their creative side. I was so excited to see how everything panned out so well.

givelight children orphans journey art calligraphy faiza khanIn the backdrop of the tall redwood trees, the kids were having so much fun writing and painting for a greater cause, the cause of supporting orphans. Just like the natural symbiosis of the forest trees, these kids were doing art for a major purpose – to give. It was rewarding to see them enjoy the whole experience.

givelight children orphans journey art calligraphy faiza khan

When we give, we receive back so much more and in so many ways. This is proven in nature and in our own lives repeatedly.  The different skills, talents and resources that we have been blessed with are an amana (responsibility) for us to utilize for something greater. Whether it be time, talent, wealth, health etc., these blessings are not just for ourselves to benefit from, but also to share with the world.

The tranquility in which the heart feels is profound by knowing that somewhere an orphan will reap the benefits of all the time, effort and dedication that went into this workshop. Receiving from giving exceeds all the hours spent working towards it.


There is so much suffering in this world; it is true that we cannot eliminate all the pain, but we can do what we can within our capability to alleviate it. I love the analogy of the man who worked tirelessly to place the starfish back into the ocean. When asked what difference will it make, there are thousands of them dying on the shore. He said “well it makes a difference to the one I am placing back into the ocean.” If each one of us shows compassion to just one, the world will be a better place for it.

The workshop was a success. Not only did the kids enjoy creating art, but they also raised funds for those children who do not have parents. Dian announced to the kids that with the amount this event generated, Givelight will be able to feed 10 orphans for twenty days.

givelight children orphans journey art calligraphy faiza khan I can just say it was humbling for me to hear that. So, do what you can in the realm of your talents and capacity. Your small kind gesture is sure to make a ripple effect.”

~ Faiza Khan


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