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givelight children orphans be the lightAt GiveLight, we are blessed not only to be engaged in inspiring work, but also to be able to do so with many friends who share our passion. We will be featuring their stories in their own words, in the hope that they will inspire readers to join us in this beautiful journey of giving. Today, we’d like you to meet Dr. Faeza Kazmier, a mother and a surgeon based in Florida. Read on for her insights on what motivates her and her family to support our work.

“When did you first hear about GiveLight?”

I first heard of GiveLight about 4 years ago through my father who discovered the organization when he was seeking a charitable organization that he felt would contribute the most back to the children who would benefit.


“How did you hear about GiveLight?” 

My father found out about GiveLight through an internet search while he was in Bangladesh.


“What motivated you to support the work?”

I am a firm believer that hard work and ambition will help us in our journey, but blessings and good luck also contribute to our successes. Unfortunately, not all children have the same resources and benefits and it is our responsibility as human beings to help each other. Children are our most precious resource to ensure a solid future for all of us and if we invest in them, we will see the reward, God willing!


“In your opinion how is GiveLight different from other organizations?”

GiveLight focuses on giving back to the children with very direct communication back to me so that I may know more how the children I help are doing. Additionally, financially, the majority of my donation goes directly to the children. This is important to me.


“Do you feel a personal connection to the cause?”

I am a first generation Bangladeshi woman, wife, mother and surgeon. I know that my successes are related to many blessings that I have had in my life. My father grew up in a very small, rural village and my mother was one of 8 children and her family struggled for daily necessities but both grew in families that valued education. Through education, family support, a strong work ethic and ambition to achieve more, my parents made incredible achievements in life – both personal and professional. As a result of this, I and my siblings were given opportunities in the U.S. for education. I would love to see every Bangladeshi child have the opportunity for education to be able to try and achieve his/her potential that my children have. For those children who may not have the same family support,  I hope to see them aim for their dreams.

Something special with our sponsorship:
My oldest daughter is the same age as one of the children we sponsor in Bangladesh. They have developed a pen-pal relationship and share with each other their daily experiences. We express to our children the importance of helping others but we have been given the opportunity, through GiveLight, to allow our children to get to know these children and to realize their hopes and dreams are just as their own and they can learn from each other. This is such a special experience for our children and the children we sponsor.


“What are your dreams for our orphans and GiveLight?”

That they become educated, independent, kind, and happy young adults who are able to give back later in life.


“Is there any advice you would like to share with our children?”

Work hard, be kind, think of others as we think for ourselves and take advantage of any opportunities to further your education. You will determine your success through dedication and hard work. No one else can do this for you!

Thank you for your kindness and generosity Dr Kazmier ! May the most merciful shower you and yours with

His blessings.

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