Walk For Syria/Turkey.

givelight children orphans salma wadeeAt GiveLight, we are blessed not only to be engaged in inspiring work, but also to be able to do so with many friends who share our passion. We will be featuring their stories in their own words, in the hope that they will inspire readers to join us in this beautiful journey of giving. Today, we’d like you to meet Salma Wadee, an architect based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Read on for her insights on what motivates her to support our work.  




When did you first hear about GiveLight?

Last year at a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

How did you hear about GiveLight?

I met Dian at the conference and she told me about the work that they do with orphans around the world. 

What motivated you to support the work?

I felt an instant connection when Dian spoke of how they have invested in the lives of orphans, there was a deep passion for helping others that I wanted to be part of . The organization is keen and open to receiving help in any way possible.. it’s wonderful to donate but sometimes you want to do more than just make a deposit, you want to connect with people. 

In your opinion how is GiveLight different from other organizations?

There’s personal connection that you experience with people from across the globe. I love that anyone can contribute their skill set or spend time assisting at any of the orphanages around the world, that said, you will probably benefit from the experience more than the children would benefit from your assistance. 

Do you feel a personal connection to the cause?

Yes … I always prayed that I could connect with people through volunteer work, to become more thankful I guess, but have never had the opportunity. I was discussing this en route to the conference, the day I met Dian. After a few months of communication regarding the projects that were underway I joined a wonderful group of people to travel to the border between Turkey and Syria to distribute aid.It was only when we had our debriefing that i realized my prayers of connecting with people had been answered.. and so easily! I felt so honored, humbled and blessed by experience. 

What are your dreams for our orphans and GiveLight?

I pray that they are granted ease and love in life so that they can fulfill their dreams and aspirations, more importantly that they are happy. My hope is that GiveLight can grow to invest in more orphans around the world. 

Any advice you would like to share with our children?

You can achieve anything when you work hard, have faith and lots of determination . Value education and grab every opportunity!! 

Thank you, Salma, for sharing your blessings with us. May the Source of all light illuminate your path.


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