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givelight children orphans journey rami mojadediMeet our beautiful GiveLighter – Rami Mojadedi. She left Afghanistan at a young age with her parents and her siblings. Rami’s energy and passion lie in serving her family, friends, clientele, and her GiveLight family. 

Rami currently resides in the Bay Area with her husband, her son and her daughter. Her profession as a hair stylist, hair and scalp health being her expertise, allows her to be creative and expressive as she cuts, styles, colors, highlights to make the client look their absolute best. She believes that through this talent, she has the opportunity to “uplift a person’s self esteem and shattered confidence” by bringing a beautiful outward change, hoping that it will have a positive impact in their internal healing as well.


She also teaches and trains color concepts to apprentices in salons. Rami is also busy traveling, domestic and international, with professional ballroom dancers to support hair, makeup and costume.

In her quest to transform a person’s life one style at a time, Rami was introduced to Dian and GiveLight seven years ago by a dear relative. From the first moment, she knew that serving GiveLight was her calling. Yet donating to GiveLight was not enough for her, she wanted to do more, hence, she was inspired to create the Beauty is Light Event and the GiveLight Luncheon Event.  


In Beauty is Light, her clients not only are introduced to what GiveLight does, but also for any services rendered, all the proceeds would be donated to GiveLight.  Rami states that “it’s truly a blessing to combine my two passions in life, GiveLight and my career; it’s as if I am shooting two birds with one stone.”


Rami’s other passion is cooking and feeding her loved ones. In the GiveLight Luncheon events, she cooks delectable Afghan dishes and opens her home for all to feast; the guests would donate a certain amount to GiveLight. If you have ever eaten Rami’s meals, you know that her cooking touches the depths of your soul.


Rami hopes to travel around the world to meet all of GiveLight’s children. Until then, she is determined to bring forth positive changes to her community and the larger society.


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