Walk For Syria/Turkey.

BlankOfLoveTurkeyVisit 250x188It is with deep gratitude to God and all of you that we announce the amazing results of our collective generosity. We wrapped up our “Blanket of Love” campaign with the astounding amount of $105,000, allowing us to buy more than 13,000 blankets!

We are thankful to each and every one of you for giving from your heart. We witnessed love coming our way from every direction; from Dubai, Jakarta, Paris, and all over the U.S. from kids and adults, students and teachers, parents and grandparents.  This truly shows how the human heart is wired for goodness and at our core we all yearn for the opportunity to help others.

We thank all our partners for enthusiastically supporting this campaign.  One partner in particular exceeded our greatest expectation; the Institute of Knowledge in Southern California raised over $45,000 for this project. What an extraordinary community!!

We are fortunate that five of our generous friends and long time supporters decided to match a total of 2,000 blankets. In summary, here’s the tally:

1) More than 500 friends made a donation from $10-$1000;

2) The first $500 matching donation was by Shahnaz and family;

3) The first large donation after that was from North Star School for $3250;

4) A $10,000 match challenge was issued by AA from the East Coast;

5) Peace Terrace Academy raised $4000 with another $4000 in matching funds;

6) The average donation was 10 blankets or $100;

7) West Valley Muslim Association and Reflection Sunday School raised more than $8000 combined; 

8) Muslim Community Center East Bay raised over $4000;

9) Zayn and Zaid Aeschelman raised more than $1000 from their birthday and selling hot cocoa mix;

10) Azleena and Salman Azhar decided to match 500 blankets at $5000; 

11) The first winner of the Art Contest, Farah Noor, 12 decided to donate her prize of $200, which was later matched by Nasira Shahin, and Aiklee Chaudhry and Loving Home Care, bringing the total donation to $1000;

12) The other two winners of the Art Contest – Eeshan Khan, 11, and Aakifah Syed, 11 – decided to follow Farah’s wonderful example and donated their prizes of $125 and $75 respectively.  These three winners contributed to the purchase of 120 blankets!

Click here for a list of all of our partners.

We are in awe of His mercy and your kindness. We just arrived after personally delivering all those blankets to the children. Click here to have a glimpse into the fruit of your generosity.

Thank you, thank you and God bless!


The GiveLight Family

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