GiveLight HighTea: Fete du Jardin

By Nahlah Kolkailah

GiveLight High Tea Event 2014

Beautiful women in elegant sundresses and graceful ethnic attire arrived to the lush garden of a beautiful Los Altos home on May 30th, 2014 for the GiveLight Foundation’s Annual Women Gala: Fete du Jardin. The beautifully sophisticated modern home and chic garden party theme was an immediate reminder of how blessed many of us are to enjoy worldly comforts. Hors d’oeuvres, a colorful American-style brunch, and varieties of delectable desserts laced the tables, inviting over 70 guests to feel at home.

Opening activities allowed the attendees to discover that they were among female pilots, physicians, chefs, marketing specialists and many more uniquely experienced and talented individuals.  However, what united these independent women wasn’t a love of parties, culture, or even professional endeavors; it was compassion and the love of giving.  Though the event program, they were allowed to share reflections; two women shared on their recent experiences at the Indonesia orphanage home, while others revealed what impassioned them to become involved with the foundation.

GiveLight High Tea Event 2014

The uniting sentiments that bloomed were a deep compassion for children stricken by misfortune and the inherent need that ensues to give of oneself. It is nearly impossible to feel, yet not be moved to action when one is aware of how little these children may have, yet what incredible hearts they possess—little innocent hearts with so much to offer and a deep want to connect. It is truly humbling to know, how much it means to the children, just to feel that their presence matters; that every selfless act of love and attention is pivotally impacting in their simple lives. How starkly clear it is that every contribution, no matter the form, crucially fills their reservoir of spirit, profoundly building their resilience. Perhaps this is why volunteers have expressed that it is their lives that become enriched by these children; not only for the incredible bonds they create, but by the infusion of greater sense of purpose and perspective they obtain.

Through this foundational emotion behind the cause, these powerful women of GiveLight were strongly drawn together by a passion, enthusiasm and dedication to make a difference in orphaned children’s lives.  The most empowering aspect of the event was the opportunity to creatively collaborate with other volunteers on networking, fundraising, and marketing ideas and strategies to facilitate outreach and corporate involvement. Not only was one left with a great sense of pride for the ability to contribute to such an inspiring organization, but also a great sense of responsibility to apply skill and motivated initiative to the betterment and aid of the GiveLight orphanages around the world.

GiveLight High Tea Event 2014

The guests are very grateful to the host who graciously opened her home to GiveLight, and to all volunteers who organized the food, décor and program planning. Such a successful event would not be possible without all the wonderful contributors, Alhamdulillah.

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