Light-A-Candle, Light-A-Life

A flicker of light for the orphans around the world

GiveLight Foundation is in constant search for unique and exciting ways to raise money to help orphans around the world. In its newest endeavor, GiveLight is sponsoring the Light-A-Candle campaign, half of the proceeds of which will help provide food, shelter and other necessities to orphans worldwide. Join us in lighting a candle to light a life.

The idea of this campaign was inspired by the GiveLight Chicago team and was shared with us at the “Bring Your Latte and Your Light” event, a weekly GiveLight meeting that brings people together over a cup of coffee to discuss various ways to raise money and create awareness of orphans.

The Light-A-Candle campaign fired up several GiveLight members. Praising it highly, they rushed to purchase candles to assist orphans in need. One GiveLight member, Jenan Maaz, went straight home after the meeting and bought her first candle. When the candle arrived a couple of days later, Maaz and her seven-year-old sister spent hours digging through it, looking for the hidden ring that lay at its depths. It was well worth the effort when the glistening golden foil wrapped around the ring became visible. The revelation of an exquisite stone-studded ring reflected the concealed potential of a young child in darkened circumstances.

“Helping orphans is very heartwarming, especially knowing that they are at a better place because of that dollar you gave. It is a never-ending cycle of giving. I contribute my time and money and these children feel that value and strive immensely,” Maaz explained as the reason that initially attracted her to help GiveLight.

Jenan Maaz is just one example of an individual who is lending her support to the GiveLight orphans, which ultimately makes a profound difference in their lives.

Another GiveLight member, Randa Itani, shared an experience similar to Jenan Maaz’s. After hearing about the Light-A-Candle campaign, Itani also purchased a candle. She was ecstatic when her candle arrived in the mail and immediately stared searching for the ring. Itani exclaimed, “I got a really pretty ring out of my candle and it felt great knowing that through all that excitement, I was also helping orphans!”

Let us all participate in this wonderful mission and endeavor to improve the lives of orphans around the world, to create a flicker of light in the midst of darkness. After all, how can you compare the dim light of a candle to the brilliant illumination of a child’s face at the sight of a fresh meal?

Check out the photos of the candles and the rings submitted by Jenan and Randa below!


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