Sparkle My Toes – The Winter Sparkleland Dance

It was 45 degrees when I parked my car at the Holyland restaurant lot. I was bundled in my red coat, gloves and heels trying hard not to trip over myself. As I walked into the restaurant I saw the organizers of the Winter Sparkleland Dance running around setting up lights, arranging chairs and adjusting the sound for music. I had entered a world of snow flakes, blue hue and purple lights and music that got my feet moving right away. I could not help but join into the energy of setting up a memorable night for my dear Givelight supporters, ready to enjoy some laughter, dancing and good food. What better way to spend time with friends than to know that this gathering will feed at least five orphans for a month.
This event was organized by two dedicated volunteers, Haneen Hammad and Siti Sarah, who are young professionals driven to bring change. Not to mention their taste in dresses and having a good time!
“Dian is an amazing and inspiring person, so getting the chance to work with her and help raise money for the GL orphans was a win-win situation for me. I’ve always wanted to be more involved and Dian gave me the opportunity to do just that. Helping out the orphans as well as having a good time with our sisters that night is def the right way to go. If only all our gatherings had such beautiful benefits to them,” said Haneen.
This event was one of the many efforts organized to create awareness and bring volunteers together for various projects, including funding for building orphanages, renovating existing ones, sponsoring meals and more. Our president believes in 100% dedication and has showed us how to enjoy this passion.
With feet tapping, giggles in the air and delicious food on the table, all the senses were charged that night. It was a time to celebrate a future for orphans and a present for us who can bring that future.
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