The Art of Giving

Art of Giving as the name suggests was project basically aimed to inspire kids to use their talents to benefit others. I’ve always been interested in art and creativity and to know that with these projects, we could benefit an orphan was a great opportunity to give back.

Our first pilot project was launched with 7 kids from Granada school. Here the kids learned to express their creativity through different art projects and had the opportunity to link their artwork to charitable giving. It was an hour well spent.

We had amazing volunteers, who spent their time with these kids every week, teaching them, inspiring them for a great good. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these wonderful ladies – Dian Alyan, Samaa Sayed. Susan Hijazi , Yumna Daimee, Natasha Tufail, Mehrnaz Hada, Sameena Usman, Ayesha Rania , Sarah Wajih.

Here are some project details:

  • We made cards, which can be used as thank you cards or correspondence with orphans in different parts of the world.
  • Sadaqa Jar, which the kids can take home and participants will collect coins at home to be given to their charity of choice whenever they choose to.
  • Learn calligraphy technique at the end of the session
  • $30 per student went towards sponsoring an orphan’s meal for 30 days

Every week in more details:

Week 1:

The students made a “giving tree” where they wrote the word “light ” in different languages on one side and on the other side they wrote their ideas of giving.

Week 2:

The kids made paper flowers (Origami) with the love of our friends around the world in their hearts.

Week 3:

Kids made Sadaqa jars with a twist. They made kitty cats out of the jars and had loads of fun doing it.




Week 4:

This week the project was making their own pillows and decorating them.

Week 5:

The kids made cards for our orphan friends around the world with a heart-felt message of greeting, friendship and encouragement.

Week 6:

Kids made a caterpillar out of egg cartons

Week 7:

Students thoroughly enjoyed their painting class on canvas. They learned some background painting techniques and chose from Allah (swt)s beautiful 99 names to really make their paintings glow.

Week 8:

This week kids made a collage, putting together memories from all their Art of Giving classes. It was a fun experience playing around with materials, colors and images.

Week 9:

This week they learned calligraphy. It was amazing to see their different creative ways of writing the same word Iqra.

The students enjoyed each and every class and wanted to come back next semester.

Here is what Director of After School Program GIS  Fadwa Musleh has to say about this program:

“GiveLight offered students an opportunity to experience the joy of giving to others.  The students always came out of the class pleased to share their art projects with their family and friends.  The adult volunteers were committed to encourage the students to enjoy art while learning the art of giving. “

What I have taken back from this experience is the joy of being able to help an orphan, not only with the funds, but also from inspiring these kids in the class to use their talents, their time and effort to benefit someone else. Spending time with these lovely kids doing art was just the cherry on top.

This has been such an inspiring experience for everyone who participated. With the success of our pilot project, we are planning to expand this project to other schools as well. If you are interested in being a part of this, please email

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