Walk For Syria/Turkey.


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Dreams of Africa

  Dian’s vision was set, her intentions clear. Attendees would have a chance to “give a light” to orphans as Dian worked to raise awareness

My GiveLight Journey

Sweet Partnerships

  Teaming up to do good for more people is the aim of GiveLight Business Partnerships. These partnerships come in all forms: monetary donations, in-kind

GiveLight Lebanon Scholarship
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GiveLight Lebanon Scholarship

At GiveLight, we always look for concrete ways to respond to heart-breaking humanitarian crises around the world. After the recent tragedy in Lebanon, we found

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Online Auction with a Purpose

During these unprecedented times, we became inspired by an amazing idea to create some excitement and get our supporters engaged while raising funds for our

GiveLight Story Telling Competition

What: GiveLight Foundation is hosting a storytelling competition to help build our community and knowledgeIn a 2 – 5 minute video share a story from

GiveLight Foundation - Interns
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Summer Internship Reflection

    I’ve followed the GiveLight Foundation for years because of its mission to support the most vulnerable members of society. It was the first

My GiveLight Journey

Givelighter: Tooba Ahmed

I am originally from Australia, but moved to the Bay Area in 2013. I studied psychology and human resources and have experience working as a

My GiveLight Journey

Givelighter: Sheza Khalid

I was born in Pakistan and having spent my early childhood years there, my family relocated to Canada, and subsequently to the US. I have

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Warm Hugs in Mexico

Khadija Harsolia is one of our long time supporters who is also one of our team leads for our GiveLight SoCal chapter. Khadija and eleven

My GiveLight Journey

Travel & Purpose

Ever since I started getting involved with GiveLight Foundation, my life has changed in so many ways; it has more direction and purpose. I look