Walk For Syria/Turkey.


2018 News

A GiveLight Culinary Journey

The evening of the GiveLight dinner in Claremont, California was bustling with excitement as the Southern California GiveLight Team eagerly awaited their guests. The team

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2018 News

200 Orphans in Pakistan

TCF is the largest educational non-profit in Pakistan, running close to 1500 schools, providing quality education to 220,000 students (50% of which are girls) in

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2018 News

Light, Laughter and … Goats!

For anyone who’s followed Jeremy on social media, it’s clear he’s got a massive Muslim fan-base — with good reason. In a climate that’s either

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2018 News

A Castle on the Cloud

My heart was bursting with happiness and gratitude as I stepped into our GiveLight home in Morocco.  Perched on a foothill overlooking the Algerian mountains in the