Walk For Syria/Turkey.


2019 News

GiveLight Foundation Art Contest

The Light of Mercy Calling all artists between the ages of 5 – 13 years old to participate in our GiveLight art contest. This year,

2019 News

The Dazzling Colors of Love

When was the last time you witnessed the dazzling colors of love? We witnessed them at our recent Global Bistro in Cupertino. The event showcased

2019 News

GiveLight Orlando Launch

My name is Laila Maali, and I am one of 10 children. I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY, and moved to Orlando after

2019 News

Halal Investing & Your Charity

RSVP is required  or call 408-809-5798.  You can also sign up at our Bistro event this coming Sunday!  We look forward to seeing you at our new

2019 News

Walkathon Highlights

Families with young children, grandparents all set with their t-shirts and water bottles, girlfriends in groups, the youth in their latest Nikes, the athletically blessed who