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Project Inspire

Launched by Givelight Foundation, Project Inspire aims to inspire children by connecting them to volunteers who serve as teachers and role models.

With the spread of Covid-19 in 2020, the world transitioned to long-distance learning. Schools substituted in-person classes for virtual Zoom sessions, leaving many students to receive their education through computer screens. What's stopping a student from Bangladesh or Sri Lanka from joining the same Zoom call as a student in the Bay Area? The shift to virtual platforms has lifted barriers, and the implications of this are powerful. This was the impetus for Project Inspire, which was initiated in the summer of 2020. The project aims to open doors to educational opportunities by connecting children in GiveLight homes to volunteers from around the world. The volunteers consist of people willing to transfer their knowledge and experience to the GiveLight youth.

Your role? By choosing to be part of our team, you can pave the path to a child's success by tutoring only an hour a week.

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Givelight Foundation

Above is an interview with the founder, Dian Alyan.

Project Inspire's parent organization, GiveLight Foundation, is a non-profit humanitarian relief organization established in California in 2005. The foundation seeks to create durable homes and provide orphan care in response to natural disasters and extreme conditions such as poverty and war. Inspired by Islamic values, we strive to help orphans across the globe regardless of nationality, race, or religion.

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Our Homes


Our home in Aceh houses 34 kids, with 6 in college. We provide home-cooked, nutritious meals and support them in school. By becoming a part of Project Inspire, you offer these children an invaluable opportunity to connect with you.


Our story in Bangladesh began when we started helping a struggling orphanage for 300 boys, run by a trusted family in Dhaka. The second stage of our efforts involved the completion of a home for girls through a partnership with the Bay Area Bangladeshi community. We were able to sponsor and complete the construction and provide support for the children every day.

Sri Lanka

This GiveLight home is an hour from Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. In partnership with AAM Marleen Foundation, we built this sanctuary for 60-75 children. The kids' ages range from 7 to 13 years, and the boys enjoy cricket, chess, and outings to the beach. They attend public schools, and by volunteering, you can help enhance their education.


After the earthquake in Nepal in 2014, we partnered with Ama Foundation, an organization that shares our passion and philosophy of helping orphaned children. We have extended Project Inspire to children here as well.


After the atrocities committed to millions of innocent Syrian people and children, we decided to make a long-term impact. We began the launch of a school program to care for 100 Syrian orphans in Turkey, and since 2018, we have been sponsoring 120 children through an after-school center in Istanbul.


The home in Oujda, Morocco was opened on July 27th, 2018. Since then, more than 60 girls are provided for. In addition to Math and English, the girls in Morocco are looking for French tutors as well.

... and more!

Project Inspire is constantly expanding. Our program also extends to orphanages that are not Givelight homes, but are sponsored by Givelight Foundation. Currently, this includes an orphanage in Mexico. We are also adding new centers in Lebanon and Turkey!

Mohammed Darwish

Mohammed has been on the team since day one; he is the team lead for Sri Lanka and helps coordinate the project.

Mehryar Mansoor

Mehryar is on the IT team and helps construct algorithms and databases for Project Inspire.

Mariah Jamal

Also involved from the start of Project Inspire, Mariah leads the Indonesia team.

Esma Ozgun

Esma is the manager of Project Inspire and is on the IT team with Mehryar. She is the team lead for the rest of the countries.