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When volunteering, you are required to commit to at least one quarter, which is a total of 10 weeks. Volunteers conduct one class per week, each class lasting an hour. This translates to 10 classes or 10 hours. The actual time commitment is more, however, as as it includes lesson preparation. Please note that volunteers are encouraged to mentor for more than one quarter to help foster bonds between the children (though this is not mandatory).

Please notify us a week prior to your class, and we will send out an email to our substitute mentor mailing list. We will then put you in touch with a substitute. Please note that volunteers cannot miss more than two classes.

No. If you are teaching English, the whole point of the class is to engage the students in a conversation and improve their conversation skills. If you are teaching another subject, such as math, you will likely be assigned to a group that has better English speaking skills. In most cases there is a fluent teacher or older student present to help facilitate the class.

Timing is the very last thing that is arranged with you and a coordinator, as this varies for every country. We try to offer various options, so that you may choose the one that best fits your schedule. If none of the proposed time slots work, our last resort would be to assign you to a different country with a more suitable time slot.

The minimum grade is highschool. If you are in middle school and wish to volunteer, please reach out to us, as an interview with a team lead is necessary prior to volunteering.

Nope! The children are already attending school, so Project Inspire is not the primary source of education for them. Rather, it is intended as a supplement. Thus, you need not worry about following a rigorous academic plan. You can make it fun, project-based, and conversational.

No, there isn't. It is up to the mentor to gauge the students' levels and come up with a lesson plan accordingly. With that said, there are many online free curricula and resources you have access to. We also offer a drive of resources, which includes past mentors' lesson plans and slides. You also have access to the previous mentor's information transfer log, which is a sheet that entails all they did the past quarter. You also have the option of requesting a 40-minute zoom meeting with the past mentor to learn more about your group. Our team is also collaborating with ZilLearn, a Signapore-based company that allows users to create and share courses. We have sample English and Math courses that you can access here. Mentors are encouraged to use their platform to create courses given the easy-to-use interface.

Upon being assigned to a country, you will be placed in a WhatsApp groupchat with the local coordinator and the team lead.

Students' ages range from middle to high school. The age range of your group depends on which group you are assigned to. You are welcome to state your preference, though this is not guaranteed.

You are welcome to state your preference, but in most cases you are assigned based on need and open slots. We also take into consideration your age/gender preferences and the languages you know.

Mentors will create and send a meeting link to a designated email. You may use Google Meet or Zoom. Please note that if you use Zoom, you will have to send two links, as there is a 40-minute meeting time limit.