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Project Inspire

Give the gift of education.

For just an hour a week (time not including preparation for the classes). By volunteering, you commit to one quarter of Project Inspire, which is 10 weeks - that translates to 10 classes.



Fill out the form below to give us your contact information.



You will then be informed of an upcoming orientation meeting, where you will be onboarded. A team lead will discuss tutoring options with you.



Sign the mentor agreement, which will be sent after you are onboarded.

The subject that is highest in demand is English. Volunteers can choose from four primary subjects; English, Math, Quran, and/or French. However, if your expertise is in another field, you may tutor in that subject as well! Among various mentors we have a pilot teaching aviation, a CEO teaching public speaking, and a designer teaching art.

Upon starting, you will be assigned to a group of 5-12 children from, their ages ranging from middle to high school. Factors we take into consideration before assigning a mentor to a country include age and gender preference, availability, and language.

Nope! The children are already attending school, so Project Inspire is not the primary source of education for them. Rather, it is intended as a supplement. Thus, you need not worry about following a rigorous academic plan. You can make it fun, project-based, and conversational.

For more information, please check out the FAQ

Coordinators Needed!

We need help with managing and coordinating countries. This role requires strong organizational skills and includes interpersonal communication. This job includes keeping track of mentor assignments, time slots, coordinating with locals, etc. For more information, please contact us.