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About GiveLight Foundation

GiveLight Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian relief organization, established in Sunnyvale, California, USA in January 2005 by a group of young professionals. The foundation seeks to create durable orphanages and provide orphan care in response to natural disasters and extreme condition, like poverty and war. Since inception, GiveLight has been able to operate primarily using volunteer talents in the US to generate awareness and funds for our global projects. Inspired by Islamic values we strive to help orphans across the globe regardless of nationality, race or religion.

GiveLight Foundation's Global Projects 

It started with a burning desire to save the lives of Indonesian children who were made orphans by the 2004 South Asian Tsunami.  Little did we know then that within a span of only a few years GiveLight Foundation would reach out to many more orphan children around the world.  Today, because of your generous support and trust in our work, we have established programs in 12 countries, nurturing more than 1,000 children!

Below you can review our projects in different countries and see for yourself just how far we have come. Our children are so grateful for your support. 

With over 153 million orphans around the world, we are now aiming to help nurture 10,000 children. We believe with your help we will be able to reach this lofty goal. Together, let's go further!

Give Your Light

Our philosophy in giving is simple; we give only our best to children under our care the way we give to our own kids. The homes we built are beautiful and serve as a sanctuary for each and every child.  We provide high quality of life and education to foster our kids' dream to become a doctor, lawyer, nurse, police, pilot, politician, artist or whatever goal they have.

We wouldn’t have accomplished so much without the support of all our kind donors. Invest in lives today and know that even your smallest contribution goes a long way in making a difference in the lives of orphan children around the world.

Get involved. Your possibilities are endless!

In the smallest of ways, you can have an enormous potential to make a difference in the life of orphans around the world. Check out the options below or feel free to explore your own ideas. We'd love to hear from you.

What's happening at GiveLight!

GiveLight Foundation organizes and participates in many events every year. Check out our past events and join us at our next engagement.