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Education Funds

Education Funds

At GiveLight, we focus on providing high-quality and long-term education for all our children.

Since inception, we envisioned our goal to provide a solid foundation for our children to rise to their full potential throughout their lives. We feed not just the body but more importantly, the mind and the soul.

You can be a part of this beautiful vision. We are dividing funds into two distinct categories.

All of our children attend school, which we currently provide scholarships for from kindergarten to high school. The cost varies by country, but on average it ranges from $15-$30 per child per month.

All our children attend public schools, except for our Bangladesh home as it is set in a remote area and there are no schools that meet our standard. We give our kids a competitive edge by providing private tutoring in English, Math, Art, Music, and Quranic studies. We also hold regular competitions for speech, math, Quran, chess, etc., which help build their self-confidence, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.

Meet our six children who
are ready to pursue their dreams

They have worked hard and are determined to become somebody. We are inspired by their resilience and dedication.

Hikmatul Fadila


Goal: Biology Teacher



Goal: Economist/ Banker

Sara Simahara


Goal: Economist/ Banker

Hind Ngairi


Goal: Entrepreneur

Qori Aulya


Goal: Lawyer



Goal: Electrical Engineer

Meet our previous year's High school graduates
who are on their way to pursue their dreams

Aliman Suri


Goal: Banker

Manal Belhajd


Goal: Harvard University

MD. Husni

Sri Lanka

Goal: Executive Chef

Ridha Angraini


Goal: Psychologist

Globally, orphanages support children until the age of seventeen or eighteen. The outcome of this leads to broken dreams and unfortunate circumstances for thousands of children because they are forced to leave the only family they ever know. We want to change this. We are committed to supporting our children as they transition to adulthood, and to ensure that they will be able to reach their dreams and find their place in the world.

To do this, we have created the Higher Education Fund. This is an innovative “pay-it-forward” model in which Givelight provides funds for children to attend college; when they graduate, they are to pay back this fund over time (interest-free) so we can continue to support the success of other children as well. We are proud to share that 15 of our children have graduated from college, and with this sustainable model, we hope to support many more. Meet two of our graduates, Yana and Alfin. You can see the impact of our long term investment in their lives.

You can make an enduring impact in shaping the lives and destinies of our children by contributing to an existing education fund or by establishing your own. In years to come, we will have hundreds of children graduating from college. They will become a living legacy of your generosity.

Here's The Process

Choose a name for your scholarship fund

It could be your family name (s) or individuals who have made a lasting impact in your life. For example:

  • Honor your parents who made sacrifices for you and helped you become the successful individual you are today.
  • Honor a mentor in your life who put you on the path to contentment.
  • Honor a teacher who believed in you.
  • Honor your own precious children by setting up a scholarship to which they too can contribute to. Your children can learn from your example and continue on with your Family Scholarship for generations to come!
  • Determine if the fund is for Scholarships or the Higher Education Fund.

  • For Scholarship Fund, you can set up any amount either one time or monthly.
  • For the Higher Education Fund, we suggest you start with a commitment of $1000 per year. You will receive the bio and picture of the child you are sponsoring. We will introduce you to her/him and she/he will be responsible to keep you updated on their academic progress.
  • Scholarship fund set up

    Once your scholarship fund is set up, you would reach out to your family and friends and encourage them to make contributions to your fund. You can continue to make contributions to your fund at any time to help it grow and impact the educational needs of as many children as possible.


    We extend our gratitude to the following families who are contributing to this important project:

    For more information and questions, please email us at donations@givelight.org.

    Please note: We use PayPal to process all Scholarship Fund Donations. After submitting your information for our records, you will be directed to the PayPal website to complete your donation. You do not need to sign up for a PayPal account to make a donation.