Walk For Syria/Turkey.

GiveLight is proud to announce the launching of a new project dedicated solely for scholarship of orphans living in the Bay Area and globally. We extend our gratitude to the following families who helped us get this project off the ground.

  We invite your family & friends to establish a scholarship to honor individuals who have made a lasting impact in your life or the life of your family.

For example:
~ honor your parents who made sacrifices for you and helped you become the successful individual you are today
~ honor a mentor in your life who put you on the path to happiness
~ honor a teacher who believed in you
~ honor your own precious children by setting up a scholarship to which they too can contribute to. Your children can learn from your example and continue on with your Family Scholarship for generations to come!

   The possibilities are endless and the rewards are perpetual. Imagine the enduring impact you can make in shaping the lives and destiny of those who are deserving but have no resources.
We have identified ten local orphans here in the Bay Area whom we have embraced under the Givelight Family scholarship. We encourage you start with $1000 annually with a one year commitment. You will get a report about how the child you are sponsoring is doing and have the opportunity to meet him/her in person if you so desire. You can decide to continue or stop your support after one year. From our own experience helping others, we found that once you start it will be difficult to stop because of the happiness you feel in being able to shape the lives of others. We hope you will join us in this noble path.

   For more information and questions, please send email to info@givelight.org
May you be blessed for your generosity.

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