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From Conception to Completion

From-conception-to-completionThis is what your love and support achieved in just a few months. Our Sri Lanka Home construction is a 100% complete and thirteen children have already moved in. Like we always say, time passes quickly and we often reflect back and see the changes that happened in our lives in the past 6 months or a year.

In this case the past few months brought unimaginable change to the lives of nearly 100 orphans in Sri Lanka for whom it was just a fairy tale that someday an unknown help and love from thousands of miles away would come to their rescue.

Today the doors of the Sri Lanka home have opened up to thirteen orphan children. More children will gradually move in ensuring a smooth transition.

On the 31st of March at 2pm, we had the grand opening ceremony of the home. We were honored to have Hon. D.M Jayaratne, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Hon Chandima Jayakkody, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon A.H.M Fowzie MP, Senior Minister of Urban Affairs, Former Mayor of Colombo, various religious dignitaries, delegates and the community of Athulugama on this day. There were around 600 people present on the opening day.

We thank you and hope you will continue to support their livelihoods going forward. 

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