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MIT-to-WorldLast April, our founder Dian Alyan had the honor and privilege of speaking at MIT and sharing the work we are doing to build beautiful homes and futures for orphans worldwide. She received a very warm welcome and everyone in the audience showed a keen interest in helping out. All expressed a willingness to do something.

The strange thing about life is that every day we have so many opportunities to do good, but often, life itself distracts us from doing what we really dream of and what matters most. Fortunately for us, one student who attended that talk — Atif Javed — lived up to his words. He graduated the previous summer, got a job at one of the best global companies, and still manages to make time every Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to connect with our children in Sri Lanka. He and a friend now teach them English, Math and soon Computer Science.

Because of his follow-through and example, we now have many more teachers joining our online lessons under the “Mentor Me” project. We will be expanding this project to more homes over the next few months and are currently seeking more mentors. All we require are 1) passion and 2) the willingness to invest a bit of time. Half an hour a week is all we ask, but the benefits to our kids will be long-lasting. Sharing your talents will be time well spent — rewarding not only for the orphans, but for you, as well. We guarantee it.

To sign up for our “Mentor Me” project, please send us your resume or LinkedIn profile as well as your availability to teach (a thirty minute timeslot that can be on evenings or weekends) to info@givelight.org.


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