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Get Involved

Get involved. Your possibilities are endless!

In the smallest of ways, you can have an enormous potential to make a difference in the life of orphans around the world. Check out the options below or feel free to explore your own ideas. We'd love to hear from you.

Over the last few months and since Covid hit, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of requests from parents and youth to volunteer for GiveLight. We had 30 applicants for Summer Intern, the highest ever in our 15 years history. After summer was over, 8 of the interns decided to continue volunteering and were able to make tangible contributions to our work.

During these uncertain times, many are reflecting on the fragility of life and looking for concrete ways to make a difference. The rise in interest and the need for specific skillsets within our organization, makes this the perfect time to launch this new initiative.

Project Inspire

With the spread of Covid-19 earlier in 2020, the world has transitioned to long-distance learning. Schools have substituted in-person classes for virtual Zoom sessions. As of now, most students are receiving education via their computer screens. 

Our Catalyst Program

Are you looking for a way to make a deeper impact for our children? 

A wedding. A birthday. A college trip. Each have something in common with the other - a personal connection to our children or a certain home. We invite you to read stories that are close to our heart, stories of inspiring journeys that have helped us help so many children. 


GiveLight Foundation is primarily run by volunteers.  We are an amazing team of volunteers from all walks of life. We have many volunteer opportunities based on your talents, interests and skills as well as from anywhere in the world. All of you has something unique to offer regardless of how limited your time seems to be. Find your passion!

We believe that there's light in every human heart.  Our job is to seek and find it. Bearing testimony to that, many of our supporters have come up with their own ideas to help generate awareness and funds for our cause.  Explore ideas on how to fundraise for GiveLight in a way that brings joy and satisfaction to your heart.  


Over the years, we have been blessed by having many volunteers who went to teach and serve our children in Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Morocco.