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Launch Your Own Campaign

We believe that there's light in every human heart.  Our job is to seek and find it. Bearing testimony to that, many of our supporters have come up with their own ideas to help generate awareness and funds for our cause. Now that you have arrived here, it's time to manifest your own light in a way that brings joy and satisfaction to your heart.  

What's your special idea? Please share it with us and we will support your effort in every way possible, from featuring on our website, to giving you encouragement and spreading the word on our facebook page! You will experience that sweet taste of giving and the fulfillment of seeing your light manifested in the world. As Dian likes to quote:

"If you want something with all your heart, the entire universe will conspire to help you achieve it."
The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho

Check out some of the unique campaign ideas listed below and get inspired to start your own personal journey of giving...

We launched this idea in January of 2017 and were pleasantly surprised to see the enthusiastic response.  We had anticipated 10 people to sign up but we got 29!! Since then we have been hosting monthly luncheons in partnership with different restaurants across the Bay Area. So far we have partnered with PF Changs, Zareen, Panda Express, Mirchi, Kettle, The Holy Land, Vons Chicken, and working with many more.

If you are ready to take this idea to your city,  read on to find quick and easy steps on how to make your restaurant campaign a success!


Our supporters asked their friends to donate to our cause in lieu of bringing gifts for their birthdays or even other special events like weddings.

Here's two examples of families who dedicated birthdays to bringing light to orphans:
VIDEO: A friend talks about a birthday party for their son.
ARTICLE: Written by a mother to honor the birth of their daughter.

We have done many game nights for sisters where we come together to play board games and enjoy each other's company.  The suggested donation was $20 and on average we raised $300-500 every time.  A sister in Irvine hosted a game night and generated $1500.

A troop from Santa Clara decided to donate 50% of proceeds from their sales to GiveLight. We received $300 from this effort.

A High School in Fremont, California hosted a movie night for GiveLight to raise awareness about one of our campaigns.  

Many have personally shared our website with family and friends simply by emailing or creating awareness on facebook. This has resulted in donations from $50 to $1000.

There are schools that run regular charity drives to benefit our orphans. You can have your school participate in such a drive too.

Several talented in the art of knitting, joined hands in creating beautiful knitwear and raised funds for GiveLight.

Many ladies, expert in Indonesian, Arabic and Italian cuisines have come forth in offering cooking classes to benefit GiveLight. Giving lessons in a skill you have or conducting a worskshop could be a successful fundraising project.

Major corporations support GiveLight through their employee matching program. Folks working in these companies have spread word about GiveLight among fellow colleagues. Their donations were matched a 100%.