My GiveLight Journey

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givelight-children-orphans-asia-bangladesh-Muhammad-Harunur-RashidWhether a mother organizes to cook meals at a shelter for the homeless, high-schoolers teach at risk teens the art of painting, or a group of friends help to launch a shoe drive, book drive or toy drive, basic human kindness is always at its core. It is that basic “need” to want to do something to make it a better day for someone else that imprints upon the heart.

givelight-children-orphans-africa-morocco-volunteer-journey-250x188After traveling for 33 hours from San Francisco, California to Oujda, Morocco, my husband and I felt a rush of energy as we stepped inside the House of Light.

givelight-children-orphans-journey-volunteer-roohie-ahmed-1Meet our dear friend Roohe Ahmed.  A nutritionist by profession, and an avid activist for many worthy causes by passion. She has been instrumental in planning and executing many of our events in Southern California.  From helping bring Roohina Malik and Jeremy McLelland for solo performances and most recently leading our team to creating an unforgettable seven course dinner.

givelight-children-orphans-wedding-mitOne of the greatest blessings of our work is when our supporters decide to embrace our cause in such personal ways. We have received donations from sources we did not expect and people we have never met.  Many birthday parties , birth celebrations, graduation and weddings were held to benefit our children. Often times we see Facebook campaign for birthdays dedicated to our cause.  And of course we love to see these stories of generosity. 

givelight-children-orphans-asia-indonesia-aceh-journeySometimes it takes getting out of routine to really appreciate all the blessings in one's life. Jamal Turfe did just that as he embarked on a journey of a lifetime to our home in Aceh, a journey that has forever changed him. 

givelight-children-orphans-my-journey-shaz-imran-bidiwalaAn engineer by profession, Shaz Imran Bidiwala dedicated her life to raising her three delightful daughters and to volunteer in non-profit sectors. Shaz was introduced to Dian while attending a dear friend’s GiveLight dinner event a few years ago. From that moment, she knew she had to be a part of the GiveLight family. 

givelight children orphans journey rami mojadediMeet our beautiful GiveLighter - Rami Mojadedi. She left Afghanistan at a young age with her parents and her siblings. Rami’s energy and passion lie in serving her family, friends, clientele, and her GiveLight family. 

givelight-children-orphans-journey-art-calligraphy-faiza-khan-1We are so blessed to work with so many talented volunteers. Please meet Faiza Khan - a talented artist and teacher who just wrapped up a local children's calligraphy workshop to benefit our children we support abroad.

givelight-children-orphans-asia-cambodia-volunteer-visitFatima Yusuf is one amazing volunteer. She started helping our cause since she was 7 years old. One day, after Ramadan, her mom, Ayesha Rania, who is also one of our long time volunteers, came to our office to hand a jar that Fatima had decorated at one of our events. In the jar was $300 cash that Fatima had received for Eid from her grandparents and relatives. She chose to give it all to our children.

Over the years, Fatima has shown continued interest in our work. Before going to Cambodia she did a book drive and collected more than 500 books for our children. She traveled to Cambodia with her mom and below is her account. We are so grateful to have Fatima on our team. 

givelight children orphans journey franco masomaA few years ago, a sweet friend of mine who supports our work introduced me to Franco Masoma. A men’s fashion designer with impeccable taste, Franco’s clientele consists of A-listers that make up the “who's who” of Silicon Valley.  We discussed a few possibilities for collaboration, but we were both too busy to do anything meaningful right away.  A few months later, an opportunity came along.