My GiveLight Journey

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givelight-children-orphans-asia-cambodia-volunteer-visitFatima Yusuf is one amazing volunteer. She started helping our cause since she was 7 years old. One day, after Ramadan, her mom, Ayesha Rania, who is also one of our long time volunteers, came to our office to hand a jar that Fatima had decorated at one of our events. In the jar was $300 cash that Fatima had received for Eid from her grandparents and relatives. She chose to give it all to our children.

Over the years, Fatima has shown continued interest in our work. Before going to Cambodia she did a book drive and collected more than 500 books for our children. She traveled to Cambodia with her mom and below is her account. We are so grateful to have Fatima on our team. 

givelight children orphans journey franco masomaA few years ago, a sweet friend of mine who supports our work introduced me to Franco Masoma. A men’s fashion designer with impeccable taste, Franco’s clientele consists of A-listers that make up the “who's who” of Silicon Valley.  We discussed a few possibilities for collaboration, but we were both too busy to do anything meaningful right away.  A few months later, an opportunity came along. 

givelight-children-orphans-morocco-home-2016-pic-2 250x188As we have seen time and time again, doors unexpectedly open when there is a yearning in your heart to do good. Our door to Morocco opened through personal connections of our team members and now our dream of opening a home in Africa is shaping into a reality in Morocco. We would like to share with you Houda and Isa's beautiful story, firsthand, of how the land and the home came to be.

givelight children orphans journey zeba siddiquiThe tables are set. The candles are lit. There is soft music and the sweet aroma of fresh homemade desserts filling the air. With one deep breath, Zeba Siddiqui patiently waits for her first guest to arrive. This is what she felt when she first hosted ladies game and dessert night as she unknowingly embarked on a heartwarming journey with GiveLight Foundation.

givelight children orphans booksGiveLight’s newest initiative, Books of Light, is an inspiring way to donate books to our children around the world.  Upon hearing of this program, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement knowing our children would be able to hold books that we find so dear to us.  

givelight-age-forty-milestone-amir-rehman-and-hina-ghory-home-pageWhen we celebrated Aamir’s fortieth birthdaylast year, we held a gathering of about 100 friends and relatives. Instead of material gifts on the occasion, we asked our guests to consider making a contribution to GiveLight. For us, GiveLight was a natural choice to express gratitude on the occasion. 

haneen-ahmed-s-givelight-wedding-donationThere is nothing like breaking barriers and boundaries. Bridging the gap and bringing two cultures together shows the absolute beauty of Islam. I am Palestinian American and Ahmed is full Sri Lankan.

givelight-morocco-children-orphans-land 250x188Morocco has been close to our hearts for quite some time. Since 2012, we have had the honor of sponsoring twenty-three orphans in Oujda through partnership with a credible grass root organization called ABPO Association pour les Benefiance et Protection des Orphelins (APBO). Like many of our success stories, there is a beautiful story we would like to share of how this came to be. 

givelight-children-orphans-classroom-visit-image1Do you have a group of students studying world geography or enthusiastic to learn about engaging with other children around the world? Let us know and we would love to connect. We did just this for Khadija Harsolia and her daughter's fifth grade class and it was a success!


Meet Sami, a Ph.D. candidate who won a fellowship from the Public Service Center at MIT. He spent two fullfilling weeks at our first home in Aceh, Indonesia. Below is his beautiful account in words and pictures.