Visit and Teach

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Over the years, we have been blessed by having many volunteers who went to teach and serve our children in Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Morocco. 

We had volunteers from Stanford University, MIT, a museum in Paris, Granada Islamic Schools, etc who have made a direct impact on the lives of our children. Thinking about going? Read a testimonial hereIf you are ready to do the same, please complete our application below. Our team will review your application within 2-3 weeks, and our Global Homes Coordinator will contact you regarding next steps.

Each individual adult (teacher, chaperone, parent) must complete a full application even if traveling with a group. For minors, we will require additional information on follow up.

Please note: To assure the safety and security of the children in our homes, all individuals must have full approval from our Global Homes Coordinator.

Individuals who did not receive prior approval will be denied entry into our homes. We recommend volunteers do NOT make any travel arrangements until full approval is granted. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Let’s get started!