Walk For Syria/Turkey.

This winter, your $10 can wrap a child with love.

This project is brought in partnership with the following organizations:

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Please select below the amount you would like to donate. A queen size, customized, thick blanket, as shown in the picture, costs $10 each as we are buying in bulk.


Please note: We use PayPal to process all of our donations. After submitting your information for our records, you will be directed to the PayPal website to complete your donation. You do not need to sign up for a PayPal account to make a donation.

Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion towards Syrian orphans and refugees. As the harsh cold winter settles in, we are thrilled that you decided to bring warmth and comfort to those whose lives have been displaced, and whose only shelters are the thin walls of temporary tents. 

We are pleased to share that a few of our generous supporters have agreed to match the first 1,000 blankets to be donated. Now you too can join us in wrapping 10.000 ophans with love.

After considering multiple options for the blanket collection and distribution, we have settled on the following two tiered approach: 

  • We will be purchasing the first 2,000 blankets in Turkey where a local trustworthy partner will distribute the blankets. This saves us cost of shipping/avoids potential issues at customs and allows us to distribute quickly.
  • The second batch of 8,000 customized, thick blankets will be purchased from Golden Linen in China at a deep discount with one of our donor families agreeing to pay the shipping costs. 

We will be sending a team from California to Turkey to help oversee the execution of the project in December/January time frame.

We look forward to sharing stories and pictures with you in the coming weeks.


Privacy: We respect your privacy. If you wish to speak with someone about your donation or have any questions, please email us at donations@givelight.org.

Did you know your employer may match your donations to GiveLight Foundation? Find out how you can double the impact of your contribution.

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