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Give Light this Ramadan

RamadanThere are a few simple ways you can make this Ramadan a truly blessed month for our children.

a.) You can sponsor an iftar (fast-breaking meal) at our homes in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Cambodia. For $75 to $100, you can provide a very special dinner for our children. We will post the pictures on our Website and Facebook so you can see the impact of your generosity.

b.) You can sponsor new clothing or shoes for Eid for $20. Here’s a video from our soul to sole campaign to help you visualize the impact. If you choose to support in one of the above two ways, please make a one-time donation and note which option you prefer.

c.) If you are planning to host iftar this Ramadan, please consider turning the event into a means of raising awareness and engagement for GiveLight. We are not asking you to hold a fundraiser for us, but rather to include a mention of GiveLight in your invitation and share your personal connection to the cause. This will help amplify the impact of our work and we think you will inspire your friends and family to take action – no matter how small.

Thank you for your continued and unwavering support. We will be sharing stories and pictures of our high school and college graduates in our fall newsletter, God willing.

For those of you who are observing your fasts, we wish you a very blessed Ramadan and Eid !

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