Walk For Syria/Turkey.

This past week, I had the honor to speak at Columbia University thanks to one of GiveLight’s most passionate and diligent allies, Summer Qureshi! 

Since 2020, Summer has been teaching English to our children in Turkey and Morocco. She has separately published a book, entitled “Unsilenced: Voices of Children Refugees,” detailing her students’ experiences. 

80% of profits from the sale go back directly to the children whose stories are captured in the book.

Now an undergraduate student at Columbia University, Summer organized a beautiful event for GiveLight encouraging more young students to get involved with GiveLight and its mission. It was wonderful meeting so many engaging minds from across the Columbia campus. 

Thank you Summer for your leadership! May Allah bless us with more compassionate and motivated youth globally.

The link to purchase Summer’s book is here :

I hope Summer’s dedication inspires you to join our cause.

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