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Peace Terrace Elementary School, an Islamic day school in Fremont, has been a close supporter and partner of the Givelight Foundation for many years. Recently, Peace Terrace’s 5th Graders showcased their community spirit and generosity by hosting a  Movie Night. The event, organized by students, parents, and the wider community, aimed to raise funds for the Givelight Foundation, with 100% of the proceeds dedicated to supporting orphans and providing them with a brighter future.

Alhamdullillah, the efforts of Peace Terrace's 5th grade class and their supporters were nothing short of remarkable, as they managed to raise an impressive $7,600 during the past year's movie night. Seven of the fifth graders who helped with the Movie Night, Zoya, Ruheya, Abdullah, Hadis, Yahya, Nazeem, Kuhyea, and Noorhan were kind enough to share reflections about their experience – the full written reflections can be found at the end of this article.

Zoya, shared her motivation behind the event, saying, “We did this movie night to make money for orphans to have a better life. We want kids to be happy.” This sentiment reflects the compassion and empathy of the students at Peace Terrace Academy.

Ruheya, emphasized, “Why do we do the Movie Night? Because we know how much help the orphans need.” This perspective reveals the students' awareness of the challenges faced by orphans and their desire to make a tangible difference.

Abdullah talked about the importance of supporting the Givelight Foundation, writing “We help Givelight because they help everyone.”

Hadis, another 5th grader, beautifully captured the essence of the event, saying, “Givelight brings them joy, and the movie night was hosted to bring joy to kids in need.”

Through the sale of food items and tickets, the participants not only enjoyed an entertaining evening but also contributed to a noble cause. The success of the event speaks volumes about the compassion and dedication of the Peace Terrace community, as they continue to foster a sense of social responsibility in their students.

Yahya added, “We hope the money we raised saved lives.” This poignant statement reflects the profound understanding these young individuals have regarding the impact their fundraising efforts can have on the lives of those less fortunate.

Peace Terrace Elementary's 5th-grade class has set an inspiring example for other schools and communities. Their commitment to supporting the Givelight Foundation demonstrates the potential for positive change when individuals come together for a common cause. As these young students continue to grow, their experiences at events like Movie Night will undoubtedly shape them into compassionate, socially conscious adults who understand the importance of making a difference in the world.


“Why do we do the Movie Night? WE do the Movie Night because we know how much the orphans need. What do we do? We have a movie night and we have all types of snacks but if people want to buy a snack they have to buy a ticket.” – Ruhyea, 5th Grader at Peace Terrace Academy

“Dear Givelight, We did the Movie Night for the orphans and our brothers and sisters in Palestine. The people in Palestine are suffering and we wanted to do something. We hope the money we raised saved lives. In total we raised 7,600$. We hope it helps Givelight, the orphans, and Palestine.” - Yahya, 5th Grader at Peace Terrace Academy

“The reason that we do the Movie Night is because so people can have fun. We like to give charity so it could help people.” – Nazeem, 5th Grader at Peace Terrace Academy
“We give to Givelight Foundation (GF) because we want orphans to have a parent. We raise money for Palestine. We raise the money by movie night, festivals, ect. Thank you GF for all the help that you give to others.” – Noorham, 5th Grader at Peace Terrace Academy

“We raised $7,600 at Movie Night. We hosted movie night to entertain people and donate to kids in need. We gave all the money to Givelight Foundation because they use their money to help kids in need. Givelight brings them Joy, and movie night was hosted to bring joy to kids in need.” – Hadis, 5th Grader at Peace Terrace Academy  
“We help Givelight because they help everyone. It is our right as Muslims to help and protect people. We help Givelight by having Movie Nights and bakesales. We gave 7600$ by one Movie Night. This is why we all help Givelight Foundation.” – Abdullah, 5th Grader at Peace Terrace Academy

“Hi, my name is Zoya. We did this movie night to make money for orphans to have a better life. We want all kids to have a good life. What did we do? You might be asking. We made a big movie night. Everyone loved it. We get food, snack, and fun. We want kids to be happy.” – Zoya, 5th Grader at Peace Terrace Academy










































































































































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