Walk For Syria/Turkey.

PGbookGiveLight’s story was featured in a P&G success book “When Core Values Are Strategic”: How the Basic Values of Procter & Gamble Transformed Leadership at Fortune 500 Companies.

In this book, Dian Alyan, our founder and CEO discusses her journey from global brand management at P&G to founding a thriving global non profit organization. Givelight has been invited to Stanford University, Google, Apple, Notre Dame High School, ISNA Conference, and many others. GiveLight was also chosen as a “Cutting Edge” non profit based on its ability to invent and innovate new ways to engage volunteers and supporters, showing long term results of its children’s achievements. Here is a link to a podcast interview of Dian on the book. 

If your organization is interested in hearing our story, you can invite Dian or one of our founding members by sending an email to info@givelight.org. We can discuss various topics such as volunteerism, creating long term engagement,  and how to balance sustainable  business goals with social entrepreneurship.


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