Walk For Syria/Turkey.

What an amazing and fulfilling week of competing for a beautiful cause.

So proud of the winning teams, and everyone who participated and did their best. Special thanks to our Chase The Light Planning Team (Aparna Khan, Rehmat Kharal, Brianna Willims, Ake Pangestu, Sadaf Hussaini and Amna Qureshi) for the passion & dedication
Collectively, we walked 9091 miles over the last 7 days for the children of Turkey and Syria who have been affected by the recent earthquake. We had 65 teams representing 5 continents and over 10 teams from our GiveLight homes participating, raising a total of $11,031.15 plus $5000 from a Corporate Matching.

The race was over, but the donation component of the competition is open until this Friday 3/24. Here’s the link:

Donate Now

Congratulations to all those who participated; your energy, excitement, and love for the Givelight children were evident!We are delighted to announce the winners of the Chase the Light Virtual Global Walk year 3:1st Place – walking 673.62 miles is Team Happy Feet – Anandhi, Manoj, Ravi, Umesh, and Usha.2nd Place – walking 416.98 miles is Team Benched – Bharathi, Bhavana, Gunjan, Mukti, and Padma.3rd Place – walking 395.37 miles is Team GL HQ – Ake, Aparna, Arie, Fariha, and Rehmat We asked this year’s 1st place winner the following questions. They answered enthusiastically.

1.  What motivated you to work so hard on this competition? 
There are a few things that motivated usa) This walkathon was introduced to us by one of our dear hiking friends. We have a big running/hiking/ walking group and there were quite a few folks showing interest in a such historical event. b) We love the vision/values of the organization, and we wanted to be part of a great noble cause. c) Walking/Running/Hiking 10-20 miles are normal for some of us during the weekend but it will be challenging for us during weekdays so we took that challenge and see how well we do.  d) After seeing results for the first few days we wanted to maintain that lead. 

2. What’s the best part of the whole week?
Getting motivation/inspiration from team members as well as other competing teams and seeing how we were performing vs other teams. Seeing results at end of the day motivated us to do the same or more the next day. 

3.  Are you planning to join again next year and if so, will you let other teams win:)
Yes definitely

There we have it; 75 teams and 375 participants from 5 continents !! We love seeing the passion coming through from everyone who took part in this fun and fulfilling race

We look forward to a bigger event next year.   

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