Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Jakarta, Indonesia

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This past August, our founder Dian Alyan launched our newest chapter in Jakarta.
The lead for the chapter is our very own girl Nursamawi who is now a consultant and a mother of two.  Members include two long-term GiveLight volunteers ; Eva Wahab and Auliya Rizki.  We also have a new volunteers Dini S joining the chapter.
Their task are three-fold:
1.  Build awareness and engagement for GiveLight in Jakarta.
2. Find incredible organizations to partner with in order to increase our reach
3.  Identify opportunities to leverage CSR in Jakarta 
The will meet once a month.  We are very excited to see their passion and looking forward to seeing results.

After Dian’s speech, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions. She announced the start of our next new home in Lahore, Pakistan. A committee is being formed there and a few job openings have been posted for the project. It was an amazing event, we should all be continuing our efforts towards this great cause, whether by physically helping, or giving donations of money or time. It is very inspirational to see women like Dian and Uzma stepping up and being role models for our community and also the next generation. We will be looking forward to upcoming events for this great cause.